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There are many quack priests but also lots of fake monks whose past backgrounds are dubious. On the 4th of May, the Bulgyo. Read Business Insider On The Go. This machine does not??????? Can't you still see what is the real problem here? Permalink About Copyright Privacy Terms of service Contact. I was surprised to see that when I first came to work.

A scandalous video is making the round in South Korean media, apparently showing eight monks from the country's largest Buddhist sect gambling, drinking and smoking in a luxury hotel room days. Ever heard the phrase “ drunk as a monk ”? Gambling is illegal in South Korea unless it occurs in a casino, and these monks weren’t playing for prayer beads: there were reportedly $, bet during. "A group of monks who gamble, drink and smoke in a hotel room is tainted in the eyes of all people in the nation," civic group Buddhist Solidarity for Reform said in a statement.

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