Reason why gambling should be illegal toma wisconsin casino

Thus, if gambling is made illegal, its detrimental effects may be substantially reduced.

Separating conjoined twins and performing an abortion are not the same. If we make abortion illegal then what. Are gambling halls practicing corruptly, I highly doubt it… big casino Las Vegas would have gone under a long time ago. I suggest you talk to a grammar teacher, which you are obviously not. Aw well, millions of life forms that can feel die per day… This topic is about it being illegal. Give me damn money so I can give my children a great life. What she is trying to say is that if people had the right to gamble it would cause harm to everyone else because it would cost our government large amounts of money to take care of these people.

Why the hell is gambling illegal, and do you think it should be illegal? Because taxes and crime really thats the only reason its illegal. Also there's no way you can be stopped from betting between friends its the large scale gambling and. Why Is Gambling Illegal? by Laurence M. Vance December 11, Not because the gambling industry provides people with jobs or the states with revenue, but for the simple reason that there should be no federal or state laws prohibiting any voluntary activity between consenting adults. About the only valid reasons to make it illegal are concepts of the government protecting us from ourselves. Why should what I do with my money be of concern to the government? I'll tell you exactly why. Every time something in regards to legalizing gambling comes up, both political parties.

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