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Apply today and we can have your merchant account set up and ready to go quickly.

ECOMMERCE Gxmbling RISK MERCHANT ACCOUNT. Become An Authorized Distributor. In just a few business days, your firm can accept credit card payments online with one of eDataPay. Apply Now For 20 years, FMA has been helping businesses establish merchant accounts to accept credit card payments. With app-based games being integrated with smart phones, credit is the natural payment method for this industry.

Casino and Gaming Industry. To get started, pleae fill out our app form below. An expert in merchant prcoessing will review your application and work with the underwriters to get your account up and running as quickly as possible. Gambling. Travel. Adult. Gambling Merchant Account. VISA/MC rates from 0,95% + 0,10€. high risk solutions for online gambling merchants. Online gambling is a global industry. Handling ALL eCommerce High Risk Credit Card Processing: – Nutraceuticals/ Travel /Adult/ Gaming and Gambling (Coded or Uncoded) Our global issuer/ merchant network has grown dramatically with the North American payments industry of more than 7, merchant accounts (high risk) that.

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